Service Models


Functional Service Provider/h5>

Biostats IT Solutions offers an FSP deliverable model for clients who need additional help to run projects within their own environment. The Biostats IT Solutions employees follow the SOPs and any process documents governed by the client, work within the client’s environment, and work on projects assigned to them by the client. This can help with consistency between work, and the client can manage the projects on their own terms.

Full Project Outsourcing

Biostats IT Solutions offers an FPO deliverable model for clients that simply want a project finished with little to no oversight on the day to day operations of completing a project. A team of Biostats IT Solutions employees are assigned to the project, follow the SOPs governed by Biostats IT Solutions internal processes, work within Biostats IT Solutions’s environment, and managed with Biostats IT Solutions’s supervision. With this deliverable model, clients can request a project, and we will take over from there.